The Spade by Axel Glade: An Audiologist Perspective

2 min readJan 19, 2021


Recently, I was proud to partner with the Founder of Axel Glade, Mehul Patel, who is working to leverage technology to reimagine ear and medical care at home. Axel Glade has developed, and is now marketing a smart device called “The Spade,” with an array of ear picks to make cleaning non-impacted ear cerumen (wax) easier. The Spade is wireless, and is equipped with a small camera on the tip that broadcasts a live image on your smartphone via an app to show inside the ear canal space. The Spade is equipped with its own wifi network, allowing it to be used anywhere.

With a light titanium casing and flat ridges on the body, The Spade is comfortable and secure to grip, allowing it to be easily used on one’s self, a partner, or a child over the age of four. It should be used while sitting down with minimal distractions in order to reduce any risk of harm. On The Spade’s web page is a “Behind the Muffle” blog to help educate as to what earwax is, options to safely remove it, situations in which you should not remove it on your own at home, and when to follow up with a medical professional.

The Spade is an innovative, safer option than Q-Tips and other products on the market that have traditionally been used to remove wax from ears at home. In a future iteration of Axel Glade’s product, enhancements will be made that will offer increased brightness and easier directional movement for users. I am happy to have lent my expertise to Axel Glade’s team to create a series of online videos to make users aware of proper handling and cleaning of the device, safety precautions for use, and when to follow up with a physician or ENT specialist. Compiling these demo videos was a labor of love to make sure customers are practicing safe ear and hearing care at home. #hearbetterathome

Visit the youtube links below to watch the full slate of instructional videos on best practices for using The Spade:

How to use the Spade to Clean your Ears

How to use the Spade to Clean Someone Else’s Ears

How to Sterilize the Spade’s Earpicks

When to Clean your Ears

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